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Strategic Business Unit (SBU) under TelkomMetra


MediaHub officially rolled out its services in August 2016 with one international channel and operates under Metrasat management.

Portfolio: Content Aggregation & Distribution Platform



TelkomPajakku didirikan pada awal tahun 2019, menyediakan solusi sistem integrasi perpajakan. Solusi TelkomPajakku yang pertama adalah Host-to-Host e-Invoice yang dapat memfasilitasi konektivitas antara berbagai platform ERP perusahaan dan server yang menyediakan pelaporan pembayaran pajak sehingga memudahkan pelaporan pajak.

Portfolio: Digital Tax Hub


TelkomMetra'S Majority Ownership

PT Sigma Cipta Caraka (Telkomsigma)

Established in 1987, Telkomsigma is engaged in telecommunications and information technology. Currently, Telkomsigma has been partnering with IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and others.

Portfolio: System Integration, Data Center, and Managed Service (Cloud).


PT Finnet Indonesia (Finnet)

Established in 2005, Finnet is focused on the provision of solutions for financial transactions of various business entities through product and service innovation which combines information technology network and software and database.

Portfolio: Payment Switching, Bill Payment Aggregator, e-Payment Platform and Online Payment Solution.


PT Administrasi Medika (AdMedika)

Established in 2002, AdMedika has been serving millions of members with various comprehensive services that include Healthcare Claim Management, Healthcare Information System, and Emergency Assistance Services.

Portfolio: Health Claim Management System, Health Provider Management Service


PT Infomedia Nusantara (Infomedia)

Infomedia was acquired by TelkomMetra in 2009 and engages in Business Process Management (BPM) industry and has become a market leader (by market share) in contact center service. In TelkomMetra's ecosystem, Infomedia plays a role as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) portfolio administrator.

Portfolio: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM).


PT Metra Digital Media (MD Media)

Established in 2013, MD Media is engaged in the business of Media and Advertising. MD Media provides agency services ranging from creative concept, media placement, execution, to activation.

Portfolio: Digital Advertising Agency, Integrated Digital Media dan Digital Printing.


PT Digital Aplikasi Solusi (Digiserve)

PT Digital Aplikasi Solusi (Digiserve), previously known as Telkomtelstra, is an IT Service Company established in 2014 and fully acquired by PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) through TelkomMetra in 2021. Digiserve provides the best services with confidence to strengthen businesses in achieving better results through its integrated Managed Solutions, leveraging its extensive network reach, world-class capabilities, and local expertise..

Portfolio: Managed Network Services, Managed Security Services, Managed Cloud Services, and Professional Services.


PT Nutech Integrasi (Nutech)

Established in 2006, Nutech is engaged as an Integrator System in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) business in order to support Telkom’s mission to be a market leader of transportation ICT solutions provider.

Portfolio: System Integration - Transportation


PT Swadharma Sarana Informatika (SSI)

Established in 1996, SSI focused on maintenance and installation service of banking automation network. SSI Provides integrated information technology system solution that covers planning, design, installation, implementation, operation, maintenance, as well as skilled manpower in the field of information technology. Currently, SSI expanded its business fields, namely ATM money filling and Cash In Transit service.

Portfolio: Business Process Outsourcing - ATM Managed Service


PT Metra Digital Investama (MDI)

MDI is a corporate venture which plays a role as administrator and coach of start-up companies, as well as handler of the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) business line.

Portfolio: Corporate Venture Capital.


PT Metra Plasa (Metraplasa)

Established in September 2012, MetraPlasa is a joint venture of TelkomMetra and e-Bay which is engaged in e-Commerce business through brand.

Portfolio: e-Commerce


PT Bosnet Distribution Indonesia (Bosnet)

Bosnet provides a management system solution for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) distribution companies. Bosnet’s shareholding of 99.99% held by Telkomsigma.

Portfolio: System Integration - Logistic



PT PINS Indonesia (PINS)

Established in 1995, PINS was engaged in device and network integration, yet since wholly acquired by Telkom in 2002, PINS began to focus on Premise Integration Service portfolio. Currently, PINS is engaged in the integration of device, network, system and process business, using the Internet of Things (IoT) concept.

Portfolio: Premise Integration Services (PIS) & IoT Solutions.


PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin)

Established in 2016, Jalin is concentrating on running the Himbara business which was previously managed by Telkom Group, as the organizer of the switching and organizing the ATM card and GPN debit card from Bank Indonesia.

Portfolio: Interbank Switching


PT Telkom Satelit Indonesia (Telkomsat)

Established in 1995 under the name of PT Patra Telekomunikasi (Patrakom) is engaged in the petroleum and maritime segment. Later on May 3, 2018, it changed its name into PT Telkom Satelit Indonesia (Telkomsat) that focuses on the Maritime and Energy industry. Telkomsat is able to run satellite management activities from upstream to downstream by implementing joint operation system in stages with Metrasat and SBU Telkom Cibinong.

Portfolio: Satellite and Consumer Broadband


PT TS Global Network Sdn Bhd (TSGN)

Portfolio: Satellite and Communication



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    • Divestment of Metranet to Telkom and MDI
    • Divestment of Melon to Metranet
    • Divestment of 49% shares in ILCS to IPC
    • Divestment of SBU Metrasat to Telkomsat
    • Transfer of SBU Metransportation and SBU Metra Logistics to Telkom
  • Acquisition of 55% shares in Bosnet from Telkomsigma

    • Acquisition of SSI
    • Acquisition of Collega through Telkomsigma
    • Acquisition of 100% shares in Pointer through Telkomsigma
    • TelkomMetra through Telkomsat holds parenting role to TS Global Network Sdn Bhd (TSGN)
    • Acquisition of Nutech
    • Acquisition of Bosnet through Telkomsigma
    • Divestment of 75% shares in TelkoMedika to AdMedika
    • The launching of Shared Service Operation in Infomedia
    • Establishment of SBUs: MediaHub, Metransportation and Metra Logistics
    • 100% shares acquisition of AdMedika
    • Divestment of shares in Pointer to Telkomsigma
    • Divestment of shares in MelOn to Metranet
    • TelkomMetra hold parenting role to PINS and Jalin
    • Acquisition of TelkoMedika
    • Acquisition of CDCI (through Telkomsigma)
    • Joint Operation of Satellite Business (Metrasat & Patrakom)
    • Activation of e-F3STIVAL
  • Establishment of Telkomtelstra

  • Acquisition of Pointer, and establishment of MD Media and MDI

  • Establishment of Metraplasa and ILCS

  • Business consolidation of Satellite and IT Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Acquisition of AdMedika and establishment of MelOn

  • Acquisition of Infomedia and establishment of Metranet

  • Acquisition of Telkomsigma and Telkomvision

  • Acquisition of Finnet

  • Acquisition of TelkomMetra by Telkom

  • Establishment of TelkomMetra



On professionalism and good credibility, until now, TelkomMetra and its subsidiaries managed to achieve a number of prestigious awards, including:

Corporate Image Award 2019

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Predicate: The Best in Building and Managing Corporate, Image in Data Center Category
Issuer : Frontier Consulting
Date of Receipt: July, 2019

2018 Frost & Sullivan

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Predicate: Indonesia Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider of The Year in Cloud Category
Issuer : Frost and Sullivan
Date of Receipt: September 2018

Anugerah BUMN 2018

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Predicate: 1st winner - the Best Organizational Transformation
Issuer : BUMN Track
Date of Receipt: November 2018

TelkomMetra Group Award 2018

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Predicate: The Best Revenue and EBITDA
Issuer : TelkomMetra
Date of Receipt: January, 2018

Dell EMC Partner Appreciation Night 2018

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Predicate: The Best Storage Top Contributor Partner
Issuer : Dell EMC
Date of Receipt: March, 2018

Red Hat Partner Day 2018

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Predicate: RedHat FY18 Advanced Partner of the Year
Issuer : Redhat
Date of Receipt: March, 2018

IBM Business Partner Award 2018

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Predicate: Top SaaS Business Partner, Top Analytic Business Partner, dan Top Best SAP HANA Implementer with IBM Systems
Issuer : IBM
Date of Receipt: April, 2018

SAP Fastest Growing Partner 2018

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Predicate: The Fastest Growing Partner
Issuer : SAP
Date of Receipt: April, 2018

International Asia Pacific Stevie Awards 2018

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Predicate: Award for Innovation in Business Utility Apps - Fotosintesis: Precision Plantation System, Award for the Innovation in Technology Development > Computer Industries - TelsiGuard: Cloud – Based Security Services, Award for Innovation in Business Utility Apps - Mobile ERP Merah Putih
Issuer : -
Date of Receipt: June, 2018

Miracle Enterprise Award 2018

Recipient Entity: MD Media
Predicate: Gold Winner Marketing Campaign, Gold Winner of New Business Model, Runner Up 1 of Customer Experience
Issuer : CFUE
Date of Receipt: May 21, 2018

Asia Stevie Award 2018

Recipient Entity: MD Media
Predicate: Gold for Innovation in General Information Websites, Bronze for Innovation in Technology Management Planning & Implementatiton Telco Industries, Gold Excellence in Innovation in Manufacturing Industries
Issuer : The Asia Pacific Stevie Awards
Date of Receipt: June 1, 2018

International Business Award 2018

Recipient Entity: MD Media
Predicate: 3 Gold Medals for Disruptive Way to Promote Indonesian Tourism, SmartAds LBA and New Indonesian YellowPages, 1 Silver Medal for PT Balebat Dedikasi Prima
Issuer : Stevie Awards
Date of Receipt: October 20, 2018

Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2018

Recipient Entity: ILCS
Predicate: Golden Stevie Award in Innovation Transportation Logistics Category
Issuer : Stevie Awards
Date of Receipt: May, 2018

Miracle Enterprise Award 2018

Recipient Entity: ILCS
Predicate: Gold Winner in Connected World Category
Issuer : Miracle Enterprise
Date of Receipt: July, 2018

CFUE Miracle Enterprise Award 2018

Recipient Entity: ILCS
Predicate: Gold Winner in Smart Port Id Category
Issuer : Telkom
Date of Receipt: July, 2018

The International Business Awards

Recipient Entity: ILCS
Predicate: Gold Winner in Best New Product or Service of the Year Software
Issuer : Grand Stevie Awards
Date of Receipt: January, 2019

Telkom Metra Group Awards 2019

Recipient Entity: ILCS
Predicate: The Best Customer Experience
Issuer : TelkomMetra
Date of Receipt: March, 2019

Pengungkapan Kejahatan Skiming ATM

Recipient Entity: SSI
Predicate: -
Issuer : Kepolisian Polda Bali
Date of Receipt: January, 2018

Penghargaan dari BANK BNI

Recipient Entity: SSI
Predicate: Pencapaian Terbaik Performa pengelolaan ATM
Issuer : BNI
Date of Receipt: January, 2018


Recipient Entity: SSI
Predicate: The Best Ebitda Contributor
Issuer : TelkomMetra Group
Date of Receipt: January, 2019

Pengungkapan Kasus Pembobolan ATM

Recipient Entity: SSI
Predicate: -
Issuer : Kepolisian Resor Probolinggo
Date of Receipt: May, 2019

Pengungkapan Kasus Pembobolan ATM

Recipient Entity: SSI
Predicate: -
Issuer : BNI – Probolinggo Branch
Date of Receipt: July, 2019

Penyusunan tercepat, Kompleksitas, Koperaktif dalam penyampaian/penyusunan Laporan Keuangan Audit tahun 2018

Recipient Entity: SSI
Predicate: Best Subsidiary
Issuer : TelkomMetra Group
Date of Receipt: August, 2019

Eksklusif peluncuran ponsel Flagship terbaru Samsung, yaitu Galaxy Note 10 dan Galaxy Note 10+

Recipient Entity: PT. METRANET
Predicate: Uzone menghadiri eksklusif Review Ponsel Flagship Samsung
Issuer : Samsung
Date of Receipt: New York, 8 Agustus

Data Impact Award 2019

Recipient Entity: PT. METRANET
Predicate: Bigbox menjadi salah satu Finalist di Acara Cloudera Data Impact Award 2019
Issuer : Cloudera
Date of Receipt: New York, 24 Agustus


TelkomMetra Group ensures that all activities of managing business and services given have met the international operating standard as TelkomMetra's success in obtaining numerous world-class certifications in force until now, among others:


Recipient Entity: SSI
Issuer Institution: Lioyd's Register LRQA
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 7/11/2017- 10/10/2020


Recipient Entity: SSI
Issuer Institution: Kepolisian
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 28/9/2018 – 28/9/2020

APJATIN (Asosiasi Perusahaan Jasa Pengelolaan Uang Tunai Indonesia)

Recipient Entity: SSI
Issuer Institution: APJATIN
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 22/3/2019 – 22/3/2020

Oracle Platinum Partner

Recipient Entity: ILCS
Issuer Institution: Oracle
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: August 2019

ISO 27001:2013

Recipient Entity: ILCS
Issuer Institution: Bureau Veritas Indonesia
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: December

Certification of Tier IV in Constructed Facility Category

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: UPTIME INSTITUTE
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 20/9/2018 - xxx

Certification of Tier III in Operational Sustainability Category

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: UPTIME INSTITUTE
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: xxx – 19/12/2020

EMS ISO 14001:2015

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: British Standards Institution (BSI)
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 16/12/2016 – 15/12/2019

Payment Card Industry Data Security

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: TUV Rheinland
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 31/3/2017 – 15/3/2020

ISO 9001:2015

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: United Registration of System (URS)
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 16/12/2016 – 15/12/2019

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: -
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 16/12/2016 – 15/12/2019

ISO 20000-1

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: British Standards Institution (BSI)
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 29/12/2014 – 28/12/2020

PAS 99:2012

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: British Standards Institution (BSI)
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 16/12/2016 – 15/12/2019

ISO 27001

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: British Standards Institution (BSI)
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 7/12/2016 – 11/2/2022

ITMS 621081

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: British Standards Institution (BSI)
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 29/12/2014 – 28/12/2017

Data Center Tier III

Recipient Entity: Telkomsigma
Issuer Institution: UPTIME INSTITUTE Tier Certification For Constructed Facilities (TCCF)
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 11/5/2017 - xxx

Data Center Tier III

Entitas Penerima: Telkomsigma
Lembaga Penerbit: UPTIME INSTITUTE Tier Certification For Design Document (TCDD)
Date of Receipt/Validity Period: 31/3/2017 - xxx


TelkomMetra Group constantly complies with prevailing normative rules and regulations in indonesia. Therefore, TelkomMetra Group had obtained various licenses as required by government, among others:

ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

Recipient Entity: MD Media
Issuer Institution: IT IL Foundation
Date of Receipt: N/A