The government has targeted the 2022 tax revenue of Rp 1,262.92 trillio. Director of Counselling, Services and Public Relations of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT), Neilmaldrin Noor, said the government is optimistic that tax revenues in 2022 will be better than that in 2021 in line with the National Economic Recovery (PEN) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A number of policies have been issued to pursue this target, including the expansion of the ??taxation and innovation areas in exploring the potential for supervision of taxpayers (WP). This is related to the revision draft of the Law on General Provisions of Taxation (KUP).

Currently, the discussion has reached the stage of hearings from experts and business entities. One of the contents of the KUP Bill discusses was the implementation of carbon tax. Referring to the IBFD International Tax Glossary (2015), carbon tax is a tax imposed on fossil fuels. In addition to increasing government income in terms of tax revenue, this aims to contribute to the achievement of climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as increasing economic growth.

Although tax reporting is now online, in the planning, there are still many important areas that need to be formulated in the implementation of carbon tax in Indonesia. It has to provide easiness for taxpayers to calculate, record and report later.

Through the Host-to-Host e-Faktur solution, Telkompajakku helps the process of data integration and tax digitization which makes the VAT taxation process easier. In addition, the Host-to-Host e-Faktur allows corporate taxpayers to reduce tax Cost of Compliance and increase the accuracy and efficiency of online tax reporting, as well as proper and correct tax validation.

To support tax reporting and digitization, Telkompajakku strengthens the competence of “Modular” services that can be applied to various sizes of companies, including SMEs and e-Commerce. With the increasing number of companies using tax digitization services, it is expected that it can help the government achieve targeted tax revenue to the state.

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