Previously, we discussed the challenges of distributing the Covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia. Internet of Things (IoT) technology is very important in vaccine distribution. Through a temperature tracking and monitoring system, vaccine distribution can be tracked while maintaining its temperature.

In addition, there is another role of technology in assisting the operation and management of vaccine recipient data, namely Cloud technology and Artificial Intelligent (AI).

If we look at the tracking process of location and temperature data carried out by IoT technology, the data that has been sent during the trip will be managed by Telkomsigma, one of TelkomMetras subsidiaries engaged in System Integration, Data Center and Cloud business. Telkomsigma has collaborated with Bio Farma in providing a Cloud-based application platform. The application, called Track & Trace, will display real-time data on the number and process of distribution from national scope to specific locations.

The Track & Trace application, which can be integrated with other applications in Telkom Group, allows the Covid-19 front group team to monitor and analyze data related to the number of vaccine doses distributed, from the distribution process at all checkpoint levels on a national scale to the overall number of vaccines that have been given to the public.

Covid-19 One Data System

In addition, Telkomsigma is currently initiating an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service project to support the Covid-19 One Data system of the Ministry of Health. The application will be intended as a tool to collect and manage Covid-19 survivor data into an integrated system belonging to the Ministry of Health, where this application will be integrated with Dukcapil data.

The Covid-19 One Data system will certainly be useful for other institutions that can be involved in the vaccine distribution process, one of which is Bosnet, a subsidiary of TelkomMetra in the logistics distribution sector.

In the hands of Bosnet, which uses a distributor management system (DMS), the Covid-19 One Data system can be used to adjust the allocation of the number of vaccines needed by health centers throughout Indonesia.

Bosnet has also collaborated with Bio Farma in helping equalize the distribution process through an automation process, to maintain the inventory movement process for each distribution point and to outlets, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals.

So far, the system built by Bosnet at Biofarma is only intended for distribution of medicines produced by Bio Farma, but it is possible that it can be used for vaccine distribution so the distribution of vaccines throughout the area can occur and run well.

Bosnet is currently developing products by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which can provide a detailed description of every process carried out to support Good Distribution Practice (GDP) so that it can assist the government in determining strategies quickly for an even distribution of vaccines.

This system will detect the number of drugs that have been circulated, the locations of circulation (track and trace) and the expiries of vaccines.

In addition to Bio Farma, Bosnet is also assisting Kimia Farma in digitizing drug distribution. Several Covid-19 drugs such as Favipiravir or Avigan are produced by Phapros, also a subsidiary of Kimia Farma.

TelkomMetra strongly supports the vision of Mr. President Joko Widodo in digitalization, and we are ready to help the government’s programs, especially in vaccine distribution by contributing from the technology side.