In Order To Realize the Spirit of Make Metra Great Again, TelkomMetra Begins its Transformation

Published at 09/11/2021

The ICT and media industry are growing very rapidly in various parts of the world in order to meet the digital transformation needs of both individuals and companies. The Telkom Group, as one of the main players in this industry, must also continue to adapt and innovate with effective business strategies to win the market in the midst of increasingly fierce, fast and dynamic business competition, among others is through realigning the map of roles and business lines in Telkom's business ecosystem. Group, one of which is Metra Group.

As a support for the Telkom Group program, TelkomMetra made adjustments to its parenting strategy according to Telkom's direction, which was originally a Strategic Holding Investment Company to become a Strategic Sub-Holding with Operating Business, as well as structuring the Metra Group business line. To realize this strategy effectively and optimally, TelkomMetra Management is committed to transforming the company to become leaner and more agile. This is in line with the TelkomMetra spirit that has been echoed since mid-2021 which is "Make Metra Great Again".


To realize this transformation, Management of TelkomMetra synchronize the views of its employees through a series of workshops that are carried out in stages.

The first alignment program was the Strategic Workshop which was held on October 5, 2021 and was attended by 15 discussion participants including the BoD and VPs of TelkomMetra and Tjitra Associates as consultants who helped the transformation process.

The second program is the Transformation Workshop which was held on November 2, 2021 and was attended by 24 discussion participants consisting of BoD and AVPs of TelkomMetra and Tjitra Associates..

The two workshops discussed the urgency of TelkomMetra’s adaptation through organizational transformation, one of which was to align TelkomMetra's new function as Strategic Holding with Business Operation that has a lean and agile structure. In the brainstorming and Q&A session, Management also identified the constraints, solutions and expectations of the senior leaders and their teams in implementing the new function.

TelkomMetra believes that this organizational transformation is the first step for significant improvements in various aspects of the company's business, which can accelerate the realization of its goal to “Make Metra Great Again”.