Telkom University to Assembly Advanced Robot to Fight Against Coronavirus

Telkom University (Tel-U), in collaboration with Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI), have built Autonomous UVC Mobile Robot (AUMR). This robot functions as sterilizer and disinfectant for COVID-19 patient isolation room to protect medical team from being exposed to the virus.

According the data received from Tempo, Indonesia has just lost 24 doctors to COVID-19, and more than 80 medical labors have also been tested positive. In this current state of pandemic, this AUMR robot will have important role in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

This robot is equipped with Ultraviolet Type-C ray with 200 to 280 nm power which will be absorbed by the virus. The exposure of this ray results pyrimidine dimer (dimer timin) which will break protein cell walls and cause the disruption of DNA and RNA replication structure, so that the virus cell will not be able to self-replicate.

Ultraviolet ray has been frequently used on drinking water processing industry in water sterilization process that is capable of eliminating germs and bacteria by 99%.

This robot will daily perform line tracking that patients generally walk through around hospital isolation room. Then, with the autonomous control mode This AUM robot is the first to be manufactured in Indonesia and will be tested in two hospitals exclusive for COVID-19 patients, which are Rumah Sakit Pindad, Bandung, and Wisma Atlet, Jakarta. Previously, a similar equipment was used in many countries, one of which is in Denmark.

Telkom University is an institute which is owned by Telkom Indonesia as well as the parent company of TelkomMetra.