Telkompajakku Assists Jasa Marga and Pupuk Indonesia in Digitizing Tax Data 

Published at 18/06/2021

Currently, the economic conditions of various countries are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly in Indonesia, the pandemic has significantly hampered the economic productivity of the country. The government has also made various efforts to restore Indonesia’s economic stability by, one of which is by increasing state revenues through taxes. 

To contribute in supporting the stability of the state revenues, Telkompajakku, which has been exist since 2018, collaborates with the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) to improve tax services for corporate taxpayers through digitization and integration of taxation data. 

On 9 June 2021, Telkompajakku has officially started to assist the tax digitization process of PT Jasa Marga, a state-owned enterprise that operates toll road access in Indonesia. Telkompajakku will assist PT Jasa Marga by providing host-to-host-based tax data integration services for VAT and PPh tax reporting. This service can help the entire taxation process, from calculating and paying to reporting taxes to be faster and more accurate. 

“We provide this Tax Digitalization service to support the tax compliance process at PT Jasa Marga. We also provide data integration services between taxpayer ERP and tax applications through the Application Programming Interface (API) method, allowing data automation process in the tax application ecosystem,” said Niam Dzikri, President Director of TelkomMetra. 

This digitization process will take approximately one month, starting from the registration process for partnership with TelkomMetra in e-Procurement system of PT Jasa Marga. This system is planned to be implemented by PT Jasa Marga starting on 9 July 2021. This system has also been integrated with several National Banks or other Perception Institutions that have been appointed by Bank Indonesia in providing tax payment services. 


Tax Digitalization collaboration between Telkompajakku and Pupuk Indonesia  

Previously, Telkompajakku had also assisted PT Pupuk Indonesia Group in providing tax digitization services. Telkompajakku will contribute to host-to-host VAT eFaktur and eSPT Advance PPh services. These two services will simplify the tax process, including reducing the cost of tax compliance of PT Pupuk Indonesia Group. 

The implementation of the two services consists of several processes, starting from kick-off and installation to UAT (User Acceptance Test) and training. The system is planned to be used by PT Pupuk Indonesia Group on 27 June. This service helps efficiency in terms of use, time, and resources as well as taxation process. 

“We are certainly very pleased to have the honor to support the tax digitization system of two well-known SOEs in Indonesia. It is hoped that this collaboration between Telkompajakku and PT Jasa Marga and PT Pupuk Indonesia Group can facilitate the taxation process as a whole and reduce the risk of cost of compliance by providing tax transparency to DGT,” said Niam Dzikri. 

Telkompajakku has cooperated with various State-Owned Enterprises to digitalize taxation, including PT Bio Farma, PT Wijaya Karya, PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Pelindo I), PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel) and PT Bhanda Ghara Reksa. In addition, Telkompajakku has also assisted in digitizing the taxation of PT Multimedia Nusantara (TelkomMetra) to get the predicate WP Obedient to perform tax reporting transparency. 

Through tax data digitization system, TelkomMetra completes Telkom’s digital solutions in the taxation area to accelerate digital transformation in Indonesia.