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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Not merely focusing on business profits, TelkomMetra is committed to be present and give maximum contribution to the surrounding community.


Human Resources Profile

For us, Human Resources must have a strong character, entrepreneurship spirit, and excellent competence as crucial in facing the dynamic business challenges and competing amidst the rapidly changing IMES industry. In practice, TelkomMetra always conducts employee selection processes carefully, develops employee competency according to the needs of each employee, and always pays attention to employee engagement in the midst of Industrial Revolution 4.0 challenges.

Employee Demography Trends per June 2019

Boosting Talented People

Talent Management at TelkomMetra Group is conducted regularly through a tiered selection process, starting from subsidiary level, Metra Group, up to Telkom Group. Talent management in TelkomMetra Group is conducted through Leadership and Talent Development Programs and is divided into two types of programs, namely Great People Managerial Program (GPMP) and Great People Development Program (GPDP). Telkom Metra Group also conducts other HR development programs, such as Talent Coaching, Individual Development Plan and Metra Group Development Program.


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