We Are

PT Multimedia Nusantara (TelkomMetra) was established on May 28, 1997. Starting its business as a Pay TV provider, TelkomMetra has taken a journey to become a leading Information, Media, Edutainment and Services (IMES) provider in Indonesia. As a business entity whose majority shares of 99% are held by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (Telkom Indonesia), TelkomMetra is committed to achieving sustainable business growth through an aggressive expansion strategy, both organic (nurture) and inorganic (capture).

TelkomMetra is committed to be more effective and efficient in managing the Company ranks in its business groups so as to be more competitive in facing digital era competition. The harmonization of TelkomMetra Group's businaess aims to meet customer demand and accelerate Indonesia's digital transformation process towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Vision and Mission

As a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, TelkomMetra Group is committed to realize the vision and mission of Telkom Group in performing its daily business and operations activities.


To be the company’s trustworthy frontliner in terms of business portfolio management with a powerful financial structure through clever and agile business practice based on Good Corporate Governance.


  1. Create added value for the stakeholders by initiating an innovative and healthy business portfolio management, with customer experience as the number one priority.
  2. Empowered, agile and intelligent in dealing with the dynamics of business trends by always adhering to the practice of Good Corporate Governance
  3. Focus on employee as an embodiment of a trusted and capable company.


“Becoming the accelerator of a prosperous and powerful nation through investment, development and the latest business portfolio management to offer the best added value for the stakeholders”

Corporate Value

In order 

Board of Commisioners

Jati Widagdo

Komisaris Utama

Sofian Saleh


Arya Anugrah Pratama Kuntadi


Board of Directors

Pramasaleh Hario Utomo

President Director

Is an Indonesian citizen, born in 1967. He was appointed as President Director of PT. Multimedia Nusantara (TelkomMetra) in July 2021.

He started his career at Telkom Group in 1993 and has been trusted to hold a number of strategic positions, namely Vice President Director at PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (2020 – 2021),  SVP Portfolio & Synergy at Telkom (2017-2020), VP Infrastructure Strategy & Governance at Telkom (2015-2017), VP Solution at Telkom (2012-2015), EGM Wireless Broadband Division at Telkom (2012-2015), VP Product Management at Telkom (2011-2012), Deputy Chairman of IPTV Telkom Task Force (2011), and several commissioner positions at PT Multimedia Nusantara (2019 – 2020), PT Metraplasa (2018-2019), PT Metranet (2018) and PT Mitratel (2013-2015).

He is currently taking Doctorate Degree in Management from Brawijaya University, and  graduated Master’s degree in Electro Engineering from Bandung Technology Institute (ITB) in 2001, and Bachelor in Electro Engineering from National Institute of Science &Technology in 1992.

He has been active in various organizations, such as Secretary of the Advisory Board in Indonesian Engineer Professionals (PII) - Electro Vocational (2016 - present), Telkom Indonesia’s Representative in Wireless Broadband Alliance (2013-2015) and Coach II in Barata Cooperative, Kandatel, West Jakarta (2008-2009).

He received the Satyalencana Development Award from the President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2017.



Irphan Wijaya

Director of Business & Digital Transformation

Is an Indonesian citizen, born in 1972. He was appointed as Director of Strategic Planning & Portfolio Management PT. Multimedia Nusantara (TelkomMetra) in July 2021.

He started his career at Telkom Group in 1997 and has been trusted to hold a number of strategic positions, namely VP Financial Controller of CFU Non Enterprise (2020-2021), VP Financial Controller CFU CWD (2018-2020), SM Wholesale & International Billing (2013-2018), Manager Billing Information & Convergent Invoicing (2013), Manager Payment Interface & Parameter (2010-2013), and others.

He graduated Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Bandung Technology Institute (ITB) in 2016 and Bachelor in Telecommunication Engineering from STT Telkom in 1996.

He has been active in various projects such as Co Project Director in TIBS 2.0 RBM Implementation, CFUW Coordinator in CFUW IFRS15 & IFRS16, Coordinator in Billing Collections Functions in Share Service Operation Implementation, and others.


Bhimo Aryanto

Director of Finance, Risk & Human Capital

Main Function

As a holding company, TelkomMetra plays a strategic control function that focuses on the operational integration of its subsidiaries by focusing on revenue growth and efficiency to increase net profit. Nevertheless, the role of TelkomMetra will shift to Operational Control which start to be implemented in 2020. TelkomMetra’s new roles are outlined in CSS, and based on CFUE GBP 2020-2024.

Currently, TelkomMetra has new 4 (four) main roles, including Financial Management, Shared Service, Strategic Investment, GTM Allignment for non-connectivity projects.

Financial Management

  • Approve financing mechanisms for subsidiaries including equity financing and project financing
  • Lead refinancing of existing subsidiaries
  • Monitor and report on subsidiaries’financial performance

GTMA for Non Connectivity Projects

  • Act as single point of contact for channel for non connectivity solutions
  • Define which subsidiaries are used for which products
  • Decide revenue allocation and enforces portfolio policies
  • Evaluate of commercial viability of projects and risks
  • Lead cross functional teams to develop high value industry specific solutions across subsidiaries
  • Conducting Delivery Monitoring

Strategic Investment

Collaborating with SID to conduct Alliances & Acquisitions functions:

  • Target identification
  • Pre-FS
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation
  • Legal Aspects
  • Post Deal Integration

Shared Service

  • Implementation of Vendor Financing
  • METRA conducts shared service functions for its subsidiaries (New Revenue Stream)


BL Leads (Device, Professionals Svc, Other Digital Svc excl. Big Data, IoT, Security)

  • Portfolio strategy & business plan
  • Partnership management
  • Delivery Monitoring
  • Performance Management

Business Approach

In realizing its strategic objectives, TelkomMetra focuses on the growth strategy of 3B + U (Buy | Borrow | Build + Unlock) which is aligned with the implementation of CFU in Telkom Group as well as the role and function of TelkomMetra as a strategic investment holding company on the IME portfolio.