Siap Landas Menyambut Tahun 2022, CFU Enterprise Menggelar RAPIM IV 2021

Published at 20/12/2021


New Year, New Strategy and New Work Program. To welcome 2022, CFU Enterprise has held RAPIM CFUE IV 2021 which took place on 9 - 10 December 2021 on via hybrid (online-offline) based meeting with “Gear Up Enterprise Digital Capability & Biz Performance to Secure 2021 Fundamentals & Move Forward through Regional Potentials Maximalization and Sustainable Growth of Future Business Investment" as the topic.


RAPIM, which was packaged with the nuances of MotoGP and Borobudur Temple, was attended by more than 200 senior leaders in the CFUE scope consisting of 60 offline participants and 140 online participants. Telkom CEO Ririek Adriansyah delivered his keynote speech online, while Telkom CFUE CEO Edi Witjara, TelkomMetra CEO, CFUE VPs, and EVPs of all TRegs attended the meeting offline in Magelang, Central Java. This time, RAPIM also presented external speakers, including the CEO of GDP Venture and Director of Business Technology Djarum Martin B. Hartono.



The event started with a report from the Chief Organizer, the CEO of TelkomMetra Pramasaleh H. Utomo, followed by a Pre-RAPIM Report by EBS VP of CFUE Irwan Andriyanto and continued with a keynote speech from Telkom CEO Ririek Adiansyah. In his presentation, Mr. Ririek appreciated the improvements made by CFUE and hoped that CFUE could become the Next Engine Growth for the Telkom Group. CFUE is also expected to increase synergy with all Functional Units in the Telkom Group, never give up and to always try developing the business.


To explore market needs and business potential in the region as well as to explore future business investment potential, the RAPIM CFUE also held a panel discussion that presented 6 resource persons who are the top talents in the CFUE scope with capabilities and experts in their fields. And as an appreciation for the 2021 performance, CFUE awarded CFUE Awards to Business Unit Divisions (BUD), Business Subsidiaries (BUS), Telkom Regional and Witel which have achieved achievements in 2021.

In the Fire Briefing session, CFUE CEO Edi Witjara encouraged all senior CFUE leaders to continue to improve their capabilities to grow together. "It's never too late to be successful. Don't give up and don't hesitate to make decisions. A better frame of mind, improve team capabilities so as to increase capabilities", said Mr. Edi before launching the 2022 CFUE Work Program.

CFUE's step forward into 2022 is marked by the launch of the 2022 Work Program called MOVING, as well as the launch of the new CFUE 2022 which is turquoise which reflects the passion, concentration, and confidence as CFUE's ranks.


RAPIM CFUE this time was also filled with CSR activities to collect charitable funds for victims of the Semeru eruption and managed to collect more than Rp. 550 million which was distributed through Sekar Telkom. In addition, on the 2nd day of RAPIM, there was also a visit and talk show for the CEO of CFUE and the ranks of the UMKM assisted by Telkom in the Magelang area to explore the potential and support of the Telkom Group for UMKM.

RAPIM CFU Enterprise IV 2021 is believed to be a momentum to improve effective fundamental business, one of which is through strengthening regional and future potentials to encourage Indonesia's digital transformation and economic growth.